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Chef Karla Williams with Hilton Head Health gives ideas on enjoying the holidays while lightening up your favorite recipes.

Bob Wright speaks about decreasing your risk for cancer through weight loss.

Felicia Spence from Hilton Head Health on Eating Mindfully through Halloween
Don't Let Holidays Weigh You Down
Don't Let Holidays Weigh You Down
Obesity and Cancer
Obesity and Cancer
Felicia Spence, from Hilton Head Health
Felicia Spence, from Hilton Head Health




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Check out Hilton Head Health’s cooking events and get a chance to try new and healthy recipes.


H3 Cream Sauce
Greenbean Casserole
Mini Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Dough
Spiced Apple Cider Compote
Whole Wheat Apple and Rosemary Stuff