Weather she wrote with Kris Allred Chief Meteorologist at WSAV News 3

Loon on lake

Baby, it’s cold outside! But some are putting their hopes on a loon to warm things up.

Don’t Fall In!

A river that BOILS its victims alive is discovered deep in the heart of the Amazon.

An Incredible Act of Courage

A daring rescue on the Pittsburgh Turnpike during the height of the winter storm last week, as a group of good samaritans worked together to…

Flood Damage: Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore got a direct hit from the latest winter storm with some saying the damage is WORSE than it was during Superstorm Sandy.

Look Up! Rare Celestial Show

For the first time in 11 years, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible at the same time in the sky.

Frozen Car Free

The frozen car that made headlines after being trapped on an icy Lake Erie shore was set free… even though it was still frozen.

Got Night Milk?

A milky drink really can help you nod off – but only if the cow was milked at NIGHT.

Don’t Drink the Water

State of emergency declared in city in Michigan after children are found to have double the normal level of lead in their blood from drinkin…

A Sci-Fi Spa Break

In their lifetime they’ve shot down 22 Nazi warplanes, more than 30 V1 flying bombs, sunk one submarine and introduced rock and roll to the …