Weather she wrote with Kris Allred Chief Meteorologist at WSAV News 3

Paid Vacation for Bad Weather

Holidays… sick days…  personal days… mental health days… and now extreme weather days.

Painting the Roads White

Los Angeles is slathering its streets in white sealant to combat the effects of climate change.  If it works, the rest of the US could be ne…

Sending kids outside to sleep

It’s a well known fact that children benefit from spending time outdoors, but a daycare has taken this to a whole new level.

Airport Worker Hit by Lightning

A ground worker at a Florida airport is – amazingly – out of the hospital after a near-death experience two weeks ago.

World’s Largest Beach Clean Up

From polluted to pristine… Once a stretch of coastline where beach-goers were more likely to drown in a sea of garbage than the ocean