WeatherWise Kids: Fog

In this segment you’ll learn a little about how fog is formed and why it happens.

Flood Recovery: Disabled Man

An elderly man with disabilities had much of his and his wife’s home ruined after last week’s flood in southwest Louisiana. But it’s his pos…

Pass the Benadryl

Spring is here, and many allergy sufferers are breaking out the tissues!

World Meteorological Day 2016

The celebration focus on a theme each year. This year’s theme is “hotter, drier, wetter. Face the Future”.

Crepuscular Rays

Spotted some crepuscular rays the other night and wanted to share with you all.   The rays also called sunbeams, sun rays, or God’s rays, ar…

Flooded Graves

Flooding Leads to Floating Caskets in Louisiana

Happy Pi Day!

Pi or Pie, today’s the day to celebrate it.