Rain falling on ground

Weather closures and delays

News 3 will be listing all events that will be cancelled, rescheduled, or delayed due to the likelihood of severe weather this weekend.


8am Update on Major Hurricane Joaquin

Eye of Joaquin near Samana Cays in the Bahamas… central Bahamas to experience hurricane force winds… storm surge… and heavy rain throu…


Bad Weather to Blame?

Thousands stranded overnight in music festival with overflowing toilets, mud bath camps and lack of shuttle buses and traffic that left them…


Bees on the Attack

Thousands of aggressive bees sting three-year-old boy and firefighter nearly 100 times after swarming neighborhood.


Is That a Shooting Star?

Nope, it’s human waste. NASA says astronauts create 180lbs of excrement each year that burns up in the atmosphere.


Forget the Alarm Clock: Bed Wakes You Up

Ugh! Alarm clocks stink. I have tried to make it a pleasant experience… soothing music… funny sounds… funny messages. No matter what, I wake…


Rain? Wipers Not Needed

Google’s self-driving cars WON’T have windshield wipers. Automated vehicles will leave passengers unable to see out the window when it rains…


A Room with a View

Here are some of the world’s most thrilling hotel views.

erika 8 28 11am

11am Tropical Storm Erika Update

11am Update on Erika: Still a tropical storm with sustained winds of 50 mph. Erika is moving WNW at 18 mph. Pressure has risen very slightly…


Swallowed by the Sea

Ten years after Katrina, experts say Louisiana’s fishing towns are disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico.


Stand Under My Phone-brella

Ever get caught in the rain and need to send a text? Now there’s a new umbrella designed to make life easier to stay in touch in a downpour.

Houston, TX, September 21, 2005- Traffic on US 45 was virtually one way north as Galveston citizens evacuated the coastal flood plains.   Recent memories of Hurricane Katrina sent people scrambling to prepare for Hurricane Rita.  Photo by Ed Edahl/FEMA

Hurricane Evacuation Resources

What if you heard that a hurricane watch has just been issued? It’d be time to put your hurricane plan in place. What would you do if there …

hurricane watch

WATCH: Hurricane Special

Everything you need to know about preparing for hurricanes in the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire.