Southeast Bulloch Middle celebrates Pi Day

BULLOCH COUNTY, GA (WSAV) – It’s National PI Day and this year marks the 30th anniversary.

The day celebrates pi, which an irrational number and mathematical constant. But how exactly is it used?

“Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of every circle that you will ever see,” says Southeast Bulloch Middle math teacher Patia Rountree.

With the ratio being 3.14, that’s why it’s always celebrated on March 14th. School’s are celebrating in very unique and fun ways. Students at Southeast Bulloch Middle are having a competition to see how many pi numbers they can name.

Student Heaven Mincey can name over 120. Keep in mind, pi has over one thousand listed numbers. She says it’s not as easy as pie.

“You get alot of headaches and it takes you a while to learn it,” says Mincey.

Mincey, who won Southeast Bulloch Middle’s Pi Digit contest, says learning about pi always fun especially in Rountree’s math class.

This year’s celebration comes complete with tie dye t-shirts, buttons, necklaces and a “Pi Day Picnic.”

“They could bring in any food that started with the letters of pi,” says Rountree. “So they brought in pizza, pickles and pineapple. They could also bring in anything that was decorated with the digits of pi, or the symbol of pi.”

She says all of this is to show students there’s more to math than just numbers.

“It just gives the kids an opportunity to get away from some of the everyday, mundane things that they think that they do. But they actually did a lot of math today and they learned a lot today, but they thought they were having too much fun to be at school.”

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