City, police detail enhanced security ahead of VP’s St. Patrick’s parade visit

Wednesday city press conference on St. Patrick's Day

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — City leaders and police announced security enhancements to the St. Patrick’s Day parade route ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit.

The city confirmed Tuesday that the Vice President and his family will be attending the parade. But as expected, his attendance requires additional security measures.

An ‘Enhanced Security Zone’ has been established within the parade route to accommodate the security measures.

This zone extends from City Hall to Oglethorpe Street between Drayton and Whitaker streets. Johnson Square and Wright Square are included in the zone.

The following rules apply to the zone:

  • Entry into the zone will not be allowed between the hours of 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Residents in the area must have identification and proof of residence if they intend to go outside (ex. walk their dog). Business owners/employees need to be in the area prior to 4 a.m.
  • No re-entry allowed in the zone until after 7 a.m.
  • Paradegoers will be able to enter the zone between the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Magnetometer checkpoints have been established, and paradegoers must enter through them.
  • These checkpoints will be similar to those at major sporting events. Some may be subject to additional screening.
  • The enhanced security zone is expected to dissolve at 1 p.m. and normal security operations will continue.

Visitors will not be able to cross the street within the Enhanced Security Zone.

The White House Secret Service has given the city a list of item restrictions, similar to those at an airport or the President’s Inauguration.

These items are not allowed within the Enhanced Security Zone:

  • Aerosol sprays, Air horns, Alcoholic beverages, Animals (other than service animals), Backpacks, Bags (including purses), Chairs, Coolers, Drones, Duffel bags, E-Cigarettes, Explosives of any kind (including fireworks), Firearms and ammunition (either real or simulated), Flags on sticks, Glass containers, Kegs, Knives, Blades or sharp objects (of any length), Laser pointers, Mace and/or pepper spray, Packages, Pocket or hand tools (such as ‘Leatherman’ tools), Portable chairs (other than those for disabled persons), Sticks or poles, Suitcases, Tables, Tents, Thermoses, Umbrellas
  • *Signs on paper, fabric, or poster board are allowed in the enhanced security zone on parade day. Signs that are made of a hard material or on sticks are not allowed. Signs cannot exceed 20 feet by 3 feet by a quarter inch thick.
  • Other items that may pose a threat to the security of the event as determined by and at the discretion of the security screener will not be allowed.

Bleachers will be set up within the security zone to accommodate parade-goers.

Two food trucks will be parked in Johnson Square and two in Wright Square. Visitors will be able to purchase food, beverages and other items at these trucks as well as other businesses and restaurants within the security zone.

The following items are allowed within the zone:

  • ADA Canes, Blankets, Cameras, Infant needs (small bag with diapers, formula, wipes), Phones, Sealed clear bottled water, Service dogs, Small wallet, Strollers, Wheelchairs
  • All items are subject to search by the security screener.

Information regarding the movements of the Vice President, including where he will be and at what time, will not be released for security reasons.

“Please keep in mind that this is a very special visitor, the Vice President of the United States, and with that visit comes advanced security,” said Michelle Gavin, city spokesperson. “We are trying to make this parade as enjoyable as possible.”

You can watch the entire city press conference below.

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