Thieves target unlocked cars in Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WSAV) – Car break-ins are one of Statesboro’s top crimes from 2016-17.

“Typically we are seeing these break-ins happening in the parking lots of apartment complexes overnight,” says Statesboro Chief of Police Mike Broadhead.

According to Broadhead, last year 501 cars were broken into. 412 of them were already unlocked during a break-in. This means 82 percent of these could’ve been prevented with a simple check of the car door.

He says the usual suspects are teenagers looking for quick cash and items to sell.

“These are crimes usually committed by people who are bored or they are looking for easy money so they can buy drugs. They’re looking for spare change anything that is a laptop that is left in there, a camera that is left in there and if they find a fire arm of course they are going to take that.”

Guns were an issue as well. 71 were reported stolen from the unlocked cars. So Statesboro police are reaching out to the community.

“We’ve made a couple of speaking engagements were we have talked about it. We are going to start a Twitter campaign just to sort of remind people to get that constant message out between now and the end of the school year.”

And what’s the reminder he and his officers are telling everyone?

“Crime prevention 1-0-1, if you have locks use them.”

And how should you keep your gun safe?

“A gun safe or a locking box that can be attached to the vehicles frame somehow. Just lock your gun up because there is no background check when a crook steals your hand gun.”

He’s also reminding everyone that if they see any suspicious break-ins, call 9-1-1.

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