Islands High School takes part in the ‘National Walkout’

WHITEMARSH ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) -Wednesday marks one month since a gunman opened fire in a Florida high school killing 17 people.

The anniversary culminated in the National Walkout. The goal was have students walk out of class for 17 minutes representing the 17 lives lost on Valentine’s Day.

At Islands High School students had several options on how they could remember the fallen.

At 10:00 a.m. close to 100 students chose to walk out the front doors of the school and gathered around the front lawn.

At the same time, even more students decided to carry out the cry of “Enough is Enough” as it relates to gun violence in schools by staying inside.

The IHS Student Senate organized the Shark Strong Alternative Assembly in the school’s gym. Close to 250 students held hands to form a “human chain” as the names of schools affected by gun violence were read aloud.

Senior Joseph Gleason was among those taking part in the assembly.

“I think it’s a good thing for students to show how they feel,” he said. “I mean we don’t really get to do that often.”

In addition to protesting gun violence in schools, students were also encouraged to take part in the “Walk Up.”  The intent was to have students introduce themselves to 17 people they did not previously know before Wednesday’s assembly.

“Anyone can use a friend so no matter what a student is going through, whether it’s any mental issue or anything,” Student Senator Chloe Lynch said. “Anybody could use a smile.”

Gleason told News 3 the participating by he and his fellow classmates, both inside and outside the school on Wednesday sends a message to those watching, whether in Washington or in their community.

“We care,” he said.”After all all this stuff happened, it’s been really difficult seeing all this happen. Seeing all these people come together, just be together and feel the remembrance of those people, is pretty cool.”

To the students in Parkland, Gleason had a word of encouragement.

“We love you. We’re sorry and we hope everything gets better,” he said.

“We all stand together, we all stand strong, we are all here to support you,” Lynch said.

Students earlier in the week were encouraged to sign banners and cards that will be sent to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the coming days.


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