Bluffton students walk out as part of National protest

In the Lowcountry, several schools held ceremonies to honor the victims..

Hilton Head and Beaufort High schools packed their gyms with students, reciting names of the fallen and giving speeches about safety.

Meanwhile at Bluffton High School, students took their feelings and opinions to the streets.

“We will not be silenced.” said the gathered crowd of students.

That was the message from the students who walked out of their Bluffton High School class at 10am Wednesday to speak up, and speak out about school safety and gun laws.

“I’m emotional. It’s so much more than i expected to happen its exactly what my goal was. I’m ecstatic,” said Amy Hughey.

Amy Hughey was already suspended once for expressing her opinions on the walls of the school, by writing “we will not be silnced” on the wall in all 24 school bathrooms.

Wednesday she was joined by dozens of other students who stepped away from their classrooms at 10am. Walking out for a cause.. and thrilled to find a place to express their feelings.

“It takes a lot of guts to walk out,” explains Hughey. “They know they are going to suffer disciplinary repercussions and they don’t care. they think its worth it.”

“To me this is a really big deal,” said Bluffton student Priscilla Jean. “Because all of us not just here at Bluffton High School but all high school students, middle school students, all of us students aren’t being taken seriously and we need to be taken care of seriously.”

Several Parents also came to support their kids at the protest

“I felt stronger than I have being able to prove something that some others might not agree with but being able to show that i’m standing up for what I believe is right,” sais student Caitlyn Langoois.

“They are educated they are confident they are outspoken,” said Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka, who came to support the students. “They are passionate they are leaders.”

Many parents like Walter and Anita wheeler also came to the protest. Not just to sign their kids out, but to hold signs themselves.. in support of a generation ready to step up and speak out.

“I wanted him to do what he thought was important,” said Anita Wheeler. “We’ve always raised out kids to be decision makers and when he told us what he wanted to do and the reasons why, then we felt we had to support him.”

“It wasn’t about me hating Beaufort County or anything it wasn’t a protest against the school, its to show my respect for the 17 victims of Parkland,” explained Walter Wheeler, Bluffton High Student.

“I believe gun control is a serious thing and that students don;t need to be afraid to go to school because they could die next. Its not fair and its not something we should live with,” said Langoois.

“Governments are worried about them and their agenda they are not worried about whats the future to come and if we are not going to protect our students in school then we dont have a future,” said Priscilla Jean, Bluffton student.

Inside the school students observed 17 seconds of silence in the hallway to honor the victims..

They were allowed to set aside 17 minutes to write their feelings on post it notes, which were then placed on the walls of the school lunchroom.

Some students, both in print and to News 3, say they would have liked more time to express their feelings and opinions.

76 students in all walked out of Bluffton High school Wednesday. They walked back into the school 17 minutes later, after protesting and reading the names of the Parkland school shooting victims.

It will be up to the Bluffton principal if any students will be disciplined for leaving the school grounds

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