World Series champion Houston Astros honored at White House

WASHINGTON (WSAV) — President Donald Trump honored the Houston Astros at the White House Monday for winning the World Series.

Houston defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers last year to win their first World Series title.

Trump called it “one of the greatest baseball games anybody’s ever seen.”

During the ceremony, the team’s manager, A.J. Hinch, brought up center fielder Josh Reddick to present the President with a jersey.

Hinch joked about the notion of presenting Trump with a Speedo — which Reddick often bears after a win.

But Reddick instead handed Trump a jersey with the number 17.

Reddick is also an Effingham County native. His foundation advocates for youth and those in need in the community.

Reddick presenting Trump with a Houston Astros jersey.

Trump and team leaders also took time during the ceremony to recognize the impact Hurricane Harvey had on the Houston community.

Just 9 weeks after Harvey, Houston celebrated the World Series win.

“After the devastating Hurricane Harvey, incredible that with what you went through that you’re the champions. It’s a really befitting tribute,” Trump said, adding, “You were ‘Houston Strong.'”

Some story info via the Associated Press


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