Where did the green go?

Forsyth Park Fountain briefly lost it's green colored waters over the weekend

Forsyth Park Fountain on Monday, March 12. (WSAV Art Ottimo)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Each year the ‘Greening of the Fountain’ marks the official start of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in The Hostess City.

Buckets of green dye are poured into fountains around town on the Friday before St. Paddy’s Day. Some storytellers say the tradition began as a prank by some leprechauns.

But over the weekend, the green disappeared from the Forsyth Park Fountain. Some were left wondering — could it be another leprechaun prank?

As it turns out, the fountain’s water was bleached for a wedding on Saturday, March 10, not even 24 hours after the greening.

When asked how it was possible, a city employee simply stated, “money.”

So fear not, the waters are flowing green once again for St. Patrick’s Day.

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