Video: 911 calls released in Parkland school shooting

(NBC News) — Accused Stoneman Douglas gunman Nikolas Cruz was back inside a Florida courtroom Friday, where a judge ruled he’ll be continue to be held without bond.

His appearance came shortly after the release of 911 calls and police radio transmissions from the day of the massacre that left 17 people dead inside the Parkland, Florida school.

The calls reveal the panic of parents and students as the shots rang out.

The dispatch audio also confirms reports school resource officer Scot Peterson did not confront the gunman, despite apparently knowing where the shooting was unfolding.

Investigators say the tapes indicate Cruz continued to fire on students and teachers for five to six minutes straight, walking out of the building just before sheriff’s deputies rushed in.

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Transcripts of 911 calls released by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office reveal the tense and agonizing moments of students being trapped inside the school and parents scrambling for more information.

“Shots at Stoneman Douglas, someone’s shooting up the school,” an unidentified student reported in an emergency call that cut off after less than 40 seconds.

In another call, a mother was on another phone with her daughter, who was huddled with fellow students in a barricaded classroom.

“Stay together, I love you, I love you … Lord God, Lord God, it’s OK,” the mom said.

“Can you hide somewhere?” she added. “Can you play dead? … If he shoots, you need to play dead.”

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