Mother still in critical condition after daughter dies in Savannah apartment fire

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Savannah mother is fighting for her life after a deadly fire injured her and claimed the life of her daughter.

Savannah Fire responded to the fire around 6:30 on Sunday morning to the Kingstown Apartment complex off of Skidaway Road.

Firefighters found Tameka Robbins, 38, severely burned outside her ground floor apartment. Her special needs daughter, Mikayla Robbins, 13, was still inside. She was rescued and both were transported to Memorial Health. Mikayla later died due to her injuries. Tameka was transported to the Burn Center in Augusta where, as of Monday afternoon, remains in critical condition.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Firefighters believe the fire started inside the Robbins’ apartment. Residents of Unit H are not allowed to re-enter their homes until the investigation is complete and the structure of the building is deemed safe.

Doug Dillard was out-of-town during the fire and came home on Monday to find his apartment building charred and his home covered in soot. While he says he didn’t know the family, he has fond memories of seeing the young girl on a consistent basis.

“I used to see the mother and child in the morning, going to get ready to go to school and they’d get in their vehicle, the little girl was always happy, and dancing, and singing and stuff on the way to the car,” Dillard said. “So that’s pretty sad.”

Norberto Torres lives in the unit next door. He was home during the fire and says he heard the sirens and saw first responders barricading his street. He says his heart breaks for the families, especially the Robbins family in their time of loss.

“It’s sad to just lose your life, you know the material stuff, you can work out to find more stuff,” he said. “The life of the girl, that’s really sad. That’s really sad.”

He urges his neighbors and the greater community to come together to help the 14 displaced people in need, including the Robbins family.

“That can happen to anybody,” Torres said. “You know we live in a place that all the houses isn’t wood. You know you forget something on the stove or any short of the cable. That can happen to anybody. That’s why, when something happens, the neighborhood needs to come together and help each other.”

The complex is currently housing the tenants in a nearby hotel for the foreseeable future. Those who would like to help are encouraged to donate to the Savannah fire fund of the American Red Cross. The complex says it will be working on a donation drop-off site and aid relief effort in the coming days.

Robbins’ former coworker has set up a GoFundMe to help with medical and other family expenses. You can donate here.

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