Humane Society recovering from weekend thrift store theft

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Thieves targeted a local animal rescue this weekend making it harder for the non-profit to raise the money it needs.

No money was stolen from the Humane Society for Greater Savannah but what was stolen takes cash out of their budget.

Humane Society workers found Sunday morning that donations earmarked for their thrift stores had been stolen.

Their donation shed was left in disarray.

“Things had been messed up. The doors were open, windows were open, so as they came to check it out, they realized we had been broken into,” said Jordan Allen, Humane Society Community Engagement Manager.

The staff is having a difficult time figuring out exactly what was taken, but the electronics were definitely a target.

And these donated items are crucial to fiscal operations.

“Every month, those are the highest grossing revenues for us. 100% of those proceeds go back to our pets,” Allen said. “So we really rely on our thrift shops.”

Security improvements are in the works, but the first order of business is fixing the damage caused by the thieves.

“We obviously have to replace a few windows and doors, but we’re also thinking about installing a security system and more lighting back here,” Allen said. “So we’re going to be starting a fundraiser for that.”

If you would like to help, thrift store and monetary donations are needed. For more information visit

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