Man giving away engagement ring to deserving couple after heartbreak

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia man is giving away the engagement ring that he bought for his intended spouse right before she broke up with him.

Steven Crocker says the woman he loved broke up with him a month before he planned to pop the question.

Crocker says he’s a hopeless romantic who still believes in love. So, he’s offering the ring for free.

He posted the offering on Facebook for people to share their love stories so he can choose a lucky couple.

“I want people to send me videos, photos, paragraphs. Whatever they have to tell me about their significant other, and tell me why they’re so in love,” said Crocker.

Crocker says the messages and emails are pouring in, but he hasn’t yet picked a lucky winner.

He says he wants to turn his heartbreak into something positive for someone else.

“This is not about me and this is not about her. This is about hope and not loss,” said Crocker.

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