Indiana mom says she will move family to Mexico if husband deported

(WNDU) — Amber Flores is fighting to keep her family together.

“That’s all I want is for us to be given a chance, but I can’t do this alone with the three babies,” the Elkhart, Indiana resident says.

Her husband is facing deportation to Mexico.

Her husband Pedro is in jail after being picked up by immigration officials last week. He was in the process of getting legal citizenship, after eight years of working and living in the U.S.

Although he has no criminal record, in 2010 Pedro tried to illegally enter the United States, and a citation was issued.

“President Trump campaigned on ‘getting rid of the bad guys’. By anyone’s definition of ‘bad guy’ – Pedro Flores is not a bad guy…he got caught by the border patrol and given a deportation order on the spot. No judge. No judicial process,” attorney Jason Flora says.

Amber has already decided to sell the family’s things, buy passports and prepare for a possible move to Mexico.

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