Senior Citizens, Inc., Savannah Mayor kick-off National March for Meals Campaign


In Georgia, one out of every six adults–over the age of 60–does not know where their next meal is coming from.

Senior Citizens, Inc., is a local non-profit in Savannah helping local senior citizens combat hunger.

On Tuesday morning—they used the National March for Meals campaign kick-off, (with a little help from a special guest), to help bring the issue to the forefront.

News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.

Senior Citizens, Incorporated, works year-round to make sure local seniors have what they need to live a healthy life.

But Patti Lyons, President of the non-profit, says the National March for Meals campaign makes this month special.

“March is really one of our favorite months, because this is the time where we try to bring the public’s attention to the critical issues of senior hunger,” Lyons said.

Volunteers and staff prepare and deliver up to 1,800 meals everyday to seniors in Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, and Liberty counties. Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach enthusiastically jumped in to help with some deliveries, too!

His first special delivery of the day was for Ms. Setirha Thomas on West 59th street.

Thomas says  her health makes it hard for her to use the stove, so she’s especially grateful to everyone at SCI for making this program possible.

“And you see, I also have this wheelchair. My wheelchair is new, and it was provided for me through the senior citizen foundation….I’m blessed,” Thomas told News 3.

The Mayor’s second stop was in Ardsley Park, for Ms. Bonnie Fuhrman.

She was also very happy to receive the hot meal—and the warm greeting at the door from Lyons and Mayor Deloach.

“We do a lot of things at City Hall, but some of these things that really touch more…mean more than anything else—this is one of those examples. People reaching out and helping people they don’t know…it’s a great feeling.”

Senior Citizens, Inc., also received a $1,000 grant from Subaru and a new car to use for meal delivery.

For more information about Senior Citizens, Inc., click here.

For more information about Meals on Wheels, click here.

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