Teachers speak out after numerous threats directed at local schools

SAVANNAH, GA- Copycat threats after a deadly high school shooting in Florida are putting the community on edge.

Some parents, students and teachers expressed their concerns after more than ten threats were made at several local schools.

Two teachers spoke out to News 3 after school leaders say a middle school student brought a gun to Hubert Middle School on Thursday. Jessica Lynn Curtis and Megan Ave’lallemant are teachers for an after-school writing program at Hubert called the Deep Center.

“It’s really scary to think that those kids could have been in danger and to think that any kids right now could be in danger any day going to school,” said Curtis.

The Senior Director of Programs, Ave’lallemant, said she taught students at Hubert Middle School the day after the student brought the gun.

“We asked, ‘why do you think somebody might bring a gun to school? Why might they feel they need that to happen?’ Somebody brought up, ‘if they’re being bullied, maybe that would intimidate the bullies and make them stop.'”

Ave’lallemant told News 3 that she believes the way to curb gun violence is to tackle mental health.

“I worked with a young boy who incorporated batman into the police force and said, ‘not only would Batman respond when there was a threat, but if he wasn’t able to get there in time, and there were victims who had died, Batman would be able to cast a spell that would not only bring the victims back to life but also erase the memory of their trauma.’ I know that we don’t have a Batman right now, but one of these kids can grow into that Batman,” she said.

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