Loud noise from Hwy. 204 drives neighbors crazy

SAVANNAH, GA., (WSAV) — It began with complaints about heavy traffic on Savannah’s far south side. Now that construction is complete Georgetown neighbors tell News 3 other issues are surfacing.

Neighbors say “don’t get them wrong” they’re happy with how traffic is flowing now that construction is complete. But the concern now is the noise; something they say they deal with morning, noon and night.

“This noise is constant from 4:30 in the morning until late at night. we just have constant traffic, trucks, motorcycles, you may hear the in the background,” Mike Greco said.

He says the problem began when Georgia Power cut trees in many of his neighbor’s backyards to run power lines. Trees that once served as a buffer to the noise from the flow of heavy traffic.

According to Greco, “It actually amplifies like a speaker into the backyard. if they would have carried the sound barrier down with the other side we wouldn’t even be talking it would be quieter, that sound would be pushed into the marsh.”

And he isn’t the only one speaking. Some neighbors have created a petition and Georgia House of Representative Ron Stephens from Savannah tells News 3, he’s experiencing the same issue. Stephens says, “there are some people who might use 204 beginning at king george boulevard as a drag strip, I hear the noise from that…it’s incredibly loud when the motorcycles do that.”

He adds that federal funds were used to complete the project but now residents are urging them to come back  to conduct a sound test.

“If they extended the buffer on this side to meet the other side it would make the problem go away. we just really want someone to evaluate the sound and the level of the noise,” Greco says.

He told News 3 that he has reached out to both Georgia Power and the Georgia Department of Transportation about the issue. They’ve both been helpful but have yet to provide a solution to the noise that is driving them crazy.

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