PHOTOS: Newborn sextuplets form cutest rainbow in photo shoot

Credit: Ashley Sargent Photography

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WFLA) — Six precious babies have captured the hearts of many on social media after their adorable photos went viral.

The little ones got all bundled up for a photo shoot with photographer Ashley Sargent, to showcase how the Alabama medical team was able to successfully deliver six babies.

Each of the newest additions to the Waldrop family wore a different color of the rainbow, in descending order of course.

Blu the oldest of the bunch is in Red, followed by Layke in Orange and Rawlings in Yellow.Then, fourth born Rayne is pictured in Green and Tag is in Blue. The munchkins’ lineup is finished with the youngest, named Rivers, wrapped in Purple.

Sargent said she is honored to know such a terrific, full family.

“I’ve watched their entire journey and to see the babies in person and hold them is like literally watching a miracle happen before your own eyes,” Sargent said.

Parents Courtney and Eric were described as “some serious warriors” after being able to take on a task like this with their heads held high.

“The strength that they have is just amazing,” Sargent said.

On Tuesday Sargent plans to photograph the entire Waldrop family of 11. You can watch behind the scenes on her Instagram page.


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