FUGITIVE FILES: Aspiring rapper wanted for assault

Hershel Tanksley

He’s an aspiring rapper who police say doesn’t just make music videos, he commits crimes as well.

Can you help find this YouTube musician wanted for assault?

“they got into a verbal altercation that turned physical, in front of a two-year-old child that was present,” explains Savannah Police Detective Kevin Toliver.

Savannah Police Detectives are talking about Hershel Tanksley.

Tanksley allegedly beat up his girlfriend, and this wasn’t the first time police dealt with his history of domestic violence.

“If he’s willing to do this to somebody he supposedly loves, you don’t know what he’d do to somebody he doesn’t know,” said Toliver.

Hershel Tanksley is 5’11”, 153 lbs. He has a large tattoo of the number 28 on his neck.

Hershel Tanksley is wanted for assaulting his girlfriend

Tanksley is known to frequent the Pennsylvania Avenue and State Street area of Savannah. He has a lot of family on Capital Street and also hangs out in Carver Village.

Tanksley is also known by another name, “Capstreet Hershey”.

He has several rap videos on youtube, many which talk about drugs and violence, even toward women.

Tanksley is also known by his rap name, “Capstreet Hershey”

If you know where Hershel Tanksley may be – call Crimestoppers right away at (912)234-2020.

Remember if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

Savannah Police have a message for Tanksley.

“Turn yourself in, makes it easier on yourself, your family. Makes it easier on everybody.”

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