Local group and students travel to Capitol, take part in Atlanta protests

Courtesy of Moms Demand Action GA

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — Local high school students took part in protests happening in Atlanta on Wednesday. They traveled to the capitol with an advocacy group to fight for gun reform.

Although these students weren’t inside Stoneman Douglas High School that day they tell News 3 the fear of something like that happening here is real. And now they’re fighting to make lawmakers understand no one is excluded.

“Moms Demand Action” took five students from Savannah Arts Academy to advocate for what they call common sense gun laws.

“This is a cycle we have all participated in more times than we can count,” Anne Allen Westbrook, State Legislator, Moms Demand Action says. “And what’s happening this time is students are really shaming us adults who have failed to act and failed to protect them in schools and other situations as well.”

She says this is a trip they take every year  but this time around was a little different with the deadly school shooting in the forefront. She says policies can be put in place that still respect the second amendment.

“This isn’t about being, I’m pro gun or I’m anti gun this is about how do you balance the competing interests of right that we have as Americans and everyone’s right to walk around and be safe,” Westbrook said.

As for the students they say this is a cycle, one they’re becoming numb to.

Savannah Arts Academy Junior, Kaleigh Lamont, “were making sure that everyone know we don’t want this to happen in Chatham County and we aren’t going to let this happen in Chatham county.”

After speaking with legislators and spending the day with thousands advocating for the same thing she is, she is hopeful. “It felt really good to know that there are other people on the same page here,” Lamont says.

The next step in this fight is for students at Savannah Arts Academy to meet with their principal next week before the walkout March 14.

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