How leaders are handling threats in Savannah Chatham County Public Schools

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) –There have been multiple threats and pranks in schools throughout the nation since the deadly school shooting on Valentine’s Day. The shooting has many across the nation on high alert. Sadly, with most public tragedies like this, come imitators. But the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System(SCCPSS) says it’s working diligently to put an end to it.

“Our campus police chief will say you won’t ever stop necessarily something from happening but what you can do is prepare for it as best as you can. and it is that training and that preparation that can make a difference in the outcome if something does happen, “SCCPSS, Public Information Manager, Sheila Blanco says.

Blanco tells News 3 their campus police department has been planning and preparing for a long time. She says, “we do have active shooter training, active shooter drills, our doors are locked during the day people have to be buzzed in. i think that is standard in a lot of school districts.”

They also have a new initiative, ‘if you see something suspicious: say something.’ “If you see something that you find concerning or something that just doesn’t look right or seem right. Tell an adult. And that’s something our students have been very good about doing,” Blanco said.

This plan was put into action just days after the shooting when four schools in the district were placed on lock down. Blanco says– an Islands’ High School student found a receipt for ammunition in the trash and quickly reported it. A threatening phone call was made to Windsor Forest High School. A threatening post was made on a social media account targeting New Hempstead High School. And she says at Groves High School, a student set off fireworks to imitate gunfire.

Blanco believes the shooting in parkland may have been a wake-up call for our local students. “We hope that this reminder of what can change in a second has made everyone be more vigilant than perhaps they have been in the past,” she says.

Officials are also asking students, parents, teachers and staff if you see anything out of the ordinary to speak up and tell someone at the school. You can also call the school safety hotline at 912-234-2020.


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