In aftermath of school shootings, these men created a bullet-proof vault for students

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — It’s a question many ask after horrific events like Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida — what can we do to stop it?

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, that’s a question one group of South Carolina men asked and answered with a bullet-proof vault.

“I saw the Sandy Hook shootings, I said ‘I wanna be involved in something that could make a difference in somebody’s life,'” Michael Evans with Big 6 LLP said.

They call it Vast6, a ballistic-proof box that teachers can deploy inside their classroom in just 30 seconds in an active shooter situation.

“One of the reasons we chose the ballistic material is the bullet goes in, it doesn’t ricochet, and it doesn’t penetrate,” said Jeffery Carson with Big 6 LLP.

He said it has the capability to stop 308 full metal jacket bullets and everything below that, including a 22-caliber AK-47, AR-15 or 12 gauge shotgun

“Thinking about kids getting shot is [something] you don’t want to think about,” Evans said, “Somebody has to think about it. This day and age, we have to think about it.”

The Big 6 team travels to school board conferences trying to get the administration to join them — but it’s not cheap.

“They don’t give this ballistic material away, it’s very expensive,” Evans explained.

For a classroom of 30 kids, you’re looking at $60,000 dollars.

“How much do you want to put on the life of a child?” he said, “That’s the question you’ve got to ask yourself.”

They recommend that schools finance them for 12 years. That’s $150 dollars per student each year 1st through 12th grade.

“They’re saying to run, hide, then fight,” Evans said, “With our unit, you run into the unit, you hide in our unit, and you don’t have to fight.”

Since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, The Washington Post reports more than 150,000 student grades K through 12 have experienced a school shooting.

“We feel like if this would just save one child’s life, it’s all worth it; but we feel like it would save many lives,” he said, “And I think it would have in the recent shooting that just happened.”

The Vast6 boxes meet FEMA active shooter ballistic requirements and are also made to withstand F5 tornadoes.

As of right now, no school has purchased one.

To contact the company, click here. 

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