Savannah hockey kids hopeful for future gold

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s pretty easy to find kids who love football in Georgia, but at Savannah’s Lake Mayer there’s a growing group of kids who prefer to wear skates instead of cleats.

They’re part of the Lake Mayer Youth Hockey Club, and for some players, it was way to continue the family tradition.

“My brother started playing it. My dad played it and yea so I just started,” said 7-year-old Nico Klaras

For many of these players, they enjoy all of the action inside a rink instead of the gridiron.

“The fast pace of the game. There’s really not a lot of stopping in between the plays,” said Ian Foose.

“Some sports like football. You know that one team might win but hockey anyone can go out and win on any given night. And also it’s really fast and high paced and there’s a lot of action,” said Luca Klaras.

Temperatures rarely ever reach the freezing conditions to actually hold outdoor hockey games, but there are a couple of players that have grown on the concrete rink.

Coach Stille sees a bright future for a pair of his players.

“Like Ian and Luca they both neither one of them could skate when they started and look at them now. I mean obviously they’re chugging right along and they’re going to be good someday,” said Stille.

While some kids may grow out of their hockey-loving phase there are kids that found a genuine love for the sports. Now they have some dreams to represent the Red, White and Blue on the Olympic stage.

“Yes definitely. I mean it’s everyone’s basically dream to go to the Olympics,” said Luca Klaras.

“Well it would be kind of cool to win the gold medal,” said Nico Klaras.

For more information about the Lake Mayer Youth Hockey Club, you can find them on Facebook here.

Coach Stille said all players at any skill level are welcome to join.

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