Video: Wounded Veterans take on snake hunting in Operation Outdoor Freedom

(WBBH) — Wounded veterans in Florida are taking on the challenge of hunting pythons, but more importantly, they are having fun doing it.

With little but headlights and flashlights in hand, the search was on for pythons through the Picayune Strand Park.

Four Army soldiers, one Marine, a reporter, a photographer and Florida Forestry, all had an objective and as it turns out, the fun was in the search itself, despite the overwhelming sensation of fear.

“Sometimes you don’t see them until you’re actually right on top of them,” said one guide.

Dan Meacham, Scott Crum, Schuyler Newsom, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Watt all served in different conflicts and in different capacities during their time in the armed forces. Other commonalities include a service-related disability keeping them from doing much of the hunting on their own, but hunting together is made possible by Operation Outdoor Freedom.

Hosted by Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Adam Putnam, it’s program giving veterans a chance to have fun again doing the things they love and helps wounded veterans stay active.

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