Video: Man meets biological parents for first time, 49 years after adoption

(KHNL) — A man in Hawaii got to meet his biological mother and father for the first time after 49 years of not knowing who they were.

Scott Sundby took a DNA test on last November that connected him with his biological mother, Wendy Lloyd of Arizona, who had posted her DNA results seven years earlier in a search for her son. The test also led to Sundby’s biological father, Chris Carnes of California.

“Forty-nine years! It was worth the wait,” said the North Shore resident, his arms around his parents for the first time after an emotional reunion. “I finally have my parents with me. It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing.”

Lloyd was just 16 when she was forced to give up her baby for adoption. Wednesday was the first time she’d seen Scott since that day.

Carnes didn’t have any say in the adoption, but remembered the son he never met every year.

“I celebrated his birthday for about eight years. And then I quietly celebrated myself after that,” he said.

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