First community recreation center coming to Hardeeville

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WSAV) — City leaders are hoping a new community center will bring the community together and attract more business.

Mayor Harry Williams and the Parks and Recreation Department have been dreaming up the area’s first community recreation center for years.


“I’ve been here for just about eight years now,” said Addison Jarrell, director of Parks and Recreation, “This is something we knew we sorely needed when I first got here. You know, not having an indoor facility has made it really, really difficult for us for programming purposes, for providing the kinds of programs and events that we really want to for the community.”

Right now, the city runs sports outdoors and in high school gyms when the schools’ schedules permit.

“There are days when it does rain, and there are days when it is 110 degrees outside,” said Williams, “So this will gives the kids a place to come after school and enjoy a game of basketball.”

The center will include a collegiate basketball court, volleyball, racquetball, and a theater.

“The auditorium is going to have a stage and very good sound system, so we’re hoping to have some theatrical events that everybody can enjoy, and perhaps some concerts for all ages as well,” Williams said.

City council recently approved to fund the $6.5 million dollar project with accommodation tax revenues.

“Hardeeville sits between two major exits off I-95,” Williams explained, “If we put this at a very visible location, we’re hopeful that’s we’re going to also attract new commerce.”

He sees it as a prime spot for coffee shops and restaurants to help service tourists and residents coming to the center.

“We hope that some of the things we put in here are things that Beaufort County doesn’t even have anything comparable because we want to bring everybody over to utilize the facility,” Jarrell added.

They’re currently looking for land and hope to have a grand opening in late 2019.

They also want input from anyone who thinks they may visit the center at some point. You can take the city’s short survey here.

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