Brooklet city commissioners to temporarily run police department

BULLOCH COUNTY—Amid controversy, Brooklet city leaders made a decision on who will run the police department, at least for now.

After more than a hour and a half in executive session, Mayor William Hendrix and the council voted to have two city council members oversee the department until a new chief is hired. They will not have an interim police chief.

This comes after a video was posted on Facebook of former police chief Doug Meyer having a confrontation with a brooklet citizen. Meyer will resign on February 9th. The city council also did not fire the two officers involved in the videos.

“I am satisfied with their decision,” says Brooklet resident Paige Tuten. ” I don’t feel that all those cops are bad. There is just a couple that need to be weeded out. Brooklet is too good to be brought down like this.

The public will be able to voice other concerns during the official city council meeting next Thursday February 15th.

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