First look at Margaritaville themed housing community in Hardeeville

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WSV) — A new Margaritaville themed housing community is coming to Hardeeville.

A change for the better; at least that’s what it will be for the new Jimmy Buffett themed Latitude Margaritaville’s new entrance–which comes complete with a waterfall.

But better than that for the town, it comes with 3,000 homes for people 55 and older.

And this is just the beginning of a  sign of progress in Hardeeville–the front sign and waterfall are now under construction, and we are also seeing the plans for the new entrance-way to the 3,000 home development for the first time.

Hardeeville Mayor Harry Williams said,  “There’s going to be 72-acres of commercial development built and it will be accessible both from highway 278 and from Latitude Blvd. And it;s going to be a fun concept where people will be able to come, walk around in a nice environment, have a meal, maybe some entertainment.”

He also explained that  “with a retirement community you don’t need as much police coverage, you don’t need to build an extra school–there are some things that you can use with the existing staff that you have.”

And staffing is something the town is hoping will come with the 72-acres of commercial real estate here. Specialized shops, bars restaurants and maybe a movie theater; and along with it,  money.

Williams said, “We get a certain millage rate from every home. Building permits, construction fees, that’s income as well.”

Income is coming in from a Parkers distribution center on this site  and waste management now has 22 acres they will build a new “green” plant on. The tax money from those will go to improvements at the police, courts and most importantly, a fire station that is 40 years behind the time.

“So the whole idea is to give a little bit back in tax relief, and at the same time take care of a lot of the infrastructure needs we have.”

And it all comes without putting the burden on the folks who live the ‘island life” now.

“We have now lowered our tax rate for six straight years, and we plan to continue that well into the future.”

The houses in latitudes will range from $250,000 to about $350,000. Residents will be able to move in before the development is complete, and  it’s expected to take about 10 years to finish.

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