‘Incorporate the Islands’ group seeks support, funding from state legislators

WHITEMARSH ISLANDS, Ga. (WSAV) – For the second time, it was standing room only at Frank G. Murray Community Center on Whitemarsh Island.

People of all ages gathered to attend the “Incorporate the Islands” meeting. ‘The Islands’ include Wilmington, Whitemarsh,Talahi, and Oatland.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness about a possible action on the state level to provide funding for a $200,000 study to research the possibility of consolidating Chatham County and the City of Savannah.

A similar meeting was held at the end of December.

Thursday’s theme: No Study. No Choice.

To learn more about the feasibility study click here.

Upon learning this, organizers decided they wanted their own feasibility study to see what their options are as Islands residents, including the option to incorporate into a separate city.The cost of the study stands at $30,000 and provides financial insight to see how independent the Islands are to see if it could support itself as an independent municipality.

This action also comes on the heels of those on Skidaway Island also seeking the ability to incorporate.

“I don’t think that would be advantageous just that you could look at other small multiplicities that are created and even ones that exist they have to have police protection, fire protection, utility services,” Talahi resident Tony Faust said.
You have to create a government.”

WSAV spoke with Representative Jesse Petrea who said if legislators are able to secure the funding for the possible county and city consolidation study, the feasibility study for the Islands will be includes in the same 2018 Legislative Session.

“That will give us the information to know whether to know whether that’s an option, how that will look. A whole group of people would have to come together and take that information and decide if that’s what we want to do. We will not have that choice to even decide if we don’t get this study funded,” Wilmington Island resident Kathyrn Banks said.

Incorporate the Islands has started its own website and GoFundMe to raise awareness and support. The group’s goal is to raise $10,000 to help cover the cost of the Islands feasibility study.

Supporters of the study were also encouraged to fill out petition forms and call their representatives.

WSAV will stay on this story and bring you any updates.


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