WSAV Parker’s Outstanding Student: Dayle McCallar

Hinesville, GA – Bradwell senior Dayle McCallar’s schedule seems like it’s never empty. The four year Class of 2018 Vice President maintains a 4.0 GPA while balancing a varsity sports career and serving her community through the Liberty County Humane Society and Midway Museum. Dayle’s can keep up with her schedule thanks to one thing.

“I live and die by my planner. That just makes things so much easier,” said McCallar.

Dayle is a star in the classroom but her love for learning couldn’t be contained by Bradwell Institute’s curriculum. So for the past three years she started taking online courses in the afternoon and she sees it as a way to prepare for a college course load when she enrolls at the University of Georgia this fall.

“Classes are often online in college too so I found that’s the way I can help prepare myself for higher learning,” said Dayle

One thing she did find in a Bradwell classroom was a passion for politics.

“It’s just something that always interested me. I took AP Government last year and I fell in love with the course. I decided that the government politics route is the route I want to go,” said McCallar.

When Parkers invested in this Hinesville student, the company is investing in the company’s birth place.

“First of all she’s from Liberty County which is where the Parker company started. This young lady is obviously a leader being a class vice president for four years. Being a co-captain of the cheerleaders for two years. Being a captain of the soccer for the 10th, 11th and 12th grade. One of the most outstanding young ladies that we’ve seen for the people that applied for the scholarship,” said Greg Parker the founder of the Parker Company.

Bradwell’s faculty also praised Parker’s for helping bright students like Dayle to follow their dreams at the next level.

“You know that the school system offers so much. But we the help of our unsung heroes such as Parker’s with things that we just can not afford,” said Bradwell Institute’s Principal Toriano Smith.

If you would like to nominate a student for the WSAV Parker’s Outstanding Student Scholarship, fill out an application at

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