New effort to curb nuclear fee for Plant Vogtle construction

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — There’s a new round of discussions regarding the nuclear fee on your Georgia Power bill. A group of Georgia state senators says the fee is something many customers resent paying at this point.

State Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah is co-sponsoring legislation which he says would stop a fee immediately for school districts.

Jackson points out that it’s not just residential customers that pay the fee, larger commercial customers pay and so do school districts. But Jackson believes parents pay twice, once for their home and second for their school.

He also told us the nuclear fee last year for Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools paid over $270,000 last year.

“We could have done a lot of things when it comes to technology, when it comes to improving transportation. More importantly, when it comes to providing paraprofessional to go into the classroom to help teachers,” Jackson said. “So that was a quarter million dollars, an excess of a quarter million dollars that could have done a lot to further public education in Chatham County.”

Jackson says if passed, the bill would stop the fee for school districts and would allow for residential fees to be halted after Georgia Power reaches a certain threshold of profit on the Vogtle project.

The legislation also calls for a refund if the project to build two new nuclear reactors cannot be completed.

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