Bakari Sellers inspires during Georgia Southern MLK Celebration

STATESBORO, GA (WSAV) – Georgia Southern’s MLK Celebration speaker Bakari Sellers asked two questions to the audience.

“The first is how far have we come and the second is where do we go from here?”

They were the basis for his speech to the packed room on Wednesday night. He talked about how the life and legacy of Dr. King has inspired his career. It’s something the student government president Dylan John says many students paid close attention to.

“There is a lot of involvement on student front in terms of advocacy and activism,” says John. “I think a reignition of the conversation and motivation from our students in what that needs to look like.”

But Sellers says the legacy of Dr. King is not being remembered the way it should.

“The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King has been white washed and that is very troublesome,” says Sellers. “People forget that Dr. Martin Luther King was a revolutionary.”

A revolutionary that inspired Seller’s career in politics paving the way for him to become the youngest African-American state representative in South Carolina. It’s that type of drive and passion that reminds on student anything is possible.

“It means an intentional effort, it means that we set out for a goal, our people set out for a goal,” says Peter Egede. “Dr Martin Luther King set out for a goal and he did whatever he had to do to achieve that goal.”

So how do we keep Dr. King’s dream alive?

“The first is we have to learn to dream with our eyes open, says Sellers. “The second is damn hard…We have to learn how to love our neighbors.”


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