So what’s the glitch? Still no answers for SC lottery winners

Holiday Cash Add-A-Play ticket (WIS)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) — Dozens, maybe hundreds of South Carolina lottery winners didn’t get the news they wanted today.

The S.C. Education Lottery Commission met this morning to discuss a Christmas Glay glitch and by the ending of the meeting, they still did not decide whether to pay winners.

Officials say a computer programming error caused winning Holiday Cash Add-A-Play tickets to be printed, giving dozens and dozens of players winning tickets.

In all, $19.6 million was won.

But on Tuesday, commissioners said the glitch caused about $35 million of winnings.

“I think it’s unfortunate, and it’s a very difficult situation for the commission to be in,” says Tim Madden, attorney for S.C. Education Lottery. “The players are the lifeblood of this organization, and it’s important that the players know that this commission has their best interests at heart.”

The commission revealed that it’s having trouble making its computer system vendor cooperate with its investigation. That vendor is a company headquartered in Athens, Greece called Intralot.

Officials got a commitment from Intralot Tuesday morning that they will cooperate in helping lottery officials find out what went wrong and why.

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