Hundreds of people march in Savannah in solidarity for women

SAVANNAH, GA- The weekend of January 21 marks one year since the revolutionary Women’s March on Washington D.C.

On Saturday, more than a thousand people in Savannah rallied together, pushing for equal pay, affordable healthcare and women in power. People marched from Wright Square to Forsyth Park, shouting their political views, such as “impeach him now” and “this is what democracy looks like,” and desires for social justice.

Although marchers recognize the #MeToo movement as a great step in the right direction, they told News 3 the revolutions of abusive men in power only strengthens their demand for change.

“It’s a chance for us to be heard. It’s a chance for woman’s issues to be readdressed, and it’s a chance for us to support one another,” said Carol Defelice, a marcher.

Armed with signs, posters and rallying cries, participants were empowering women to march the country forward.

“This is something that’s been brewing up for a while, and now everybody needs to vent and get to express themselves,” said another marcher.

Representing an array of backgrounds, each person was sharing their own reason for standing up. One marcher told News 3, she was fighting for equality and the end to racism. Others, were uniting in protest.

“Every single year that goes by, we’r’e going to keep resisting until we get justice. All of these horrible atrocities are going on every single day, from nuclear attack threats to my rights as a woman to my own body,” said marcher Dame Darcy.

Men and women in Savannah were also inspiring one another to affect change in the government and their own neighborhood.

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