Four pedestrians killed in collisions, 3 weeks into the new year

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — It’s not even the end of January and the City of Savannah has already had four people get hit and killed in car collisions. But, Savannah Chatham Metro Police say they think the numbers are consistent.

It began on January 8 with a 10-year-old who was hit and trapped underneath a vehicle on Bradley Blvd. On the same night, police were called to a crash on DeRenne Avenue where a woman was hit. On January 12, later in the week police say an 88-year-old man was hit by a caterpillar backhoe on Ogeechee road in broad daylight. That same day a 68-year-old woman was hit in her motorized wheelchair by a Ford F-150 on Waters Ave.

All four were deadly and remain under investigation.

SCMPD Traffic Unit, Lt. Anthony Gallo, says,  “Vehicle collisions are happening all over 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With pedestrians we tend to see more during the daytime but its consistent through a 24 hour period.”

SCMPD tells News 3 from 2016 until now 17 people have been killed in pedestrian-related collisions. In 2016 there were seven. In 2017 there were six.

Lt. Gallo says, “The circumstances with every collision or every crash involving a pedestrian same with vehicles. Every incident is different circumstances are different.”

He says not only is distracted driving an issue but distracted walking as well and everyone needs to remain alert and safe.

“If you’re downtown Savannah you know areas where there is a higher pedestrian population and higher pedestrian traffic just use a little more do care. As a pedestrian make sure you’re trying to cross at a crosswalk. Make sure you have the right away before you cross,” Lt. Gallo said.

According to the Georgia Law cars must stop and allow pedestrians to cross. It also states pedestrians cannot suddenly jump into streets when a car is unable to stop.

So whether you are a driver or a pedestrian look both ways before you cross.

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