China’s ‘Ice Boy’ Reignites Poverty Debate

It’s a heartbreaking photo that has since gone viral.

Wearing only a thin coat, eight-year-old Fuman walked for an hour in the freezing cold to his school.  When he arrived, his hair and eyebrows were coated in frost, and now he has been called ‘Ice Boy’ and ‘Frost Boy.’

The boy’s teacher captured the photos of him arriving to school on January 8th, and she sent them to the headmaster.  The photos then got shared all over social media. Thousands have now donated money online and purchased clothes for the boy, using the hashtag #IceBoy to spread awareness.

But this may not be the perfect ending that it seems to be.

According to the latest report, of all the money donated only a small portion was given to the boy’s family.  The handling of the donations by a government-run charity has sparked controversy in China.

For those who donated money to Fuman, they have now been told the extra money will go to help other children.  But many believe the ‘extra’ money will end up in the hands of corrupted officials.

(sources:  BBC, Newsweek)



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