Low Country All Stars Team Preview

Bluffton, SC – The first group of Low Country All-Stars practiced at Bluffton High School. Bobcats head coach John Houpt was selected as the first Low Country head coach, and he enjoyed coaching these all-stars instead of game planning against them.

“I tell you what it’s been exciting getting to spend time with the kids. Getting to see kids from other schools and see their personality and everything they have to offer. It’s almost been as much fun for me as it has been for them,” said head coach Houpt.

There are some players that want to use the Blitz Border Bowl Stage to showcase their skills one more time.

“This game means everything to me. It’s a chance for me to prove myself, to my coaches, to others. To let everybody know what I’m about,” said Bluffton defensive back Reggie Brown.

Hilton Head defensive end Tyreke Young has earned 11 scholarship offers but still sees how valuable this game is to players like Reggie Brown.

“Everybody should be able to get the opportunity to prove themselves and a get a scholarship, and I’m blessed to have 11. So I think everybody should get a chance,” said Young.

While the players come from all over the area, coach Houpt united them all under one mentality which is to represent all of the Low Country.

“We teach that this is a brotherhood no matter who’s team you’re on, no matter where you’re at. When you look at the back of our jerseys it all says Low Country. We’re one team. We’re ‘Team LoCo’. We’re going to be fun and have a good time while we’re at it. It is an exhibition but it’s also an audition,” said Houpt.

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