Officials confiscate loaded gun from elementary school student

MACON, Ga. (WSAV) — A loaded handgun was confiscated from a fourth grader at a Bibb County elementary school on Wednesday.

Safety officials say a teacher overheard the students talking about the gun and the school’s Crisis Response Team was immediately notified.

Members of the team went to the classroom and removed the loaded 9mm weapon from a student’s jacket.

Shortly after the gun was removed, an automated message was sent to parents to make them aware of the incident.

According to The Macon Telegraph, some parents of the Taylor Elementary School students now want to implement see-through backpacks.

Meanwhile, school officials are pleading people to lock up their guns.

“You can put them in a gun safe. There are gun locks you can obtain that renders the weapon inoperable, that’s another way to secure the weapon so children, students, should not have access to guns in the home,” says David Gowan, Director of Safety and Security in Bibb County.

A statement from the school district says two students had touched the gun and three others were aware of the weapon but did not warn adults.

The Telegraph reports that no one was injured in the incident. Director Gowan says a criminal investigation is active.

Story info: AP/Macon Telegraph

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