Flu cases increasing, should you still get a flu shot?

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The number of flu cases nationwide is jumping every week and is now affecting people in almost every state in the country.

Chatham County Nurse Manager Tammi Brown says your best bet is to still get the flu shot.

She does acknowledge there are new strains of flu virus this year that appear very resistant to the flu shot. Still, she says the shot can help noting that in the South the flu season can last until March.

“It’s really important that everyone gets the flu vaccine. We strongly, strongly recommend it,” Brown said. “There’s no vaccine that’s going to be 100 percent effective but the flu vaccine is the only way to possibly prevent the flu — or if you happen to get the flu to have the symptoms less severe.”

She also says dealing with the flu can be tough.

“First of all, when you have the flu, you’re going to miss time from work or from school and we don’t want anybody missing any time,” Brown said, “But there’s aches and pains associated with it, there’s fever, a lot of people say they feel like they’ve hit by a truck.”

Brown says to try to stay as healthy as possible and don’t spread anything you might be coming down with.

“Make sure that you’re covering your cough, not with your hand, but in the crook of your elbow or in a kleenex,” she said.

Finally, if you are among the unlucky people who come down with symptoms (cough, headache, fever, stomach problems) she says it’s a good idea to contact your doctor.

Brown says taking anti-viral medication as soon as possible can help ease symptoms.

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