New waste plan to solve trash troubles in Effingham County

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — People in Effingham County are finally getting a solution after months of complaining about the lack of trash pick-ups in residential areas. County commissioners listened and now some big changes are coming to the area that includes a new waste carrier.

Atlantic Waste Management is taking over, after neighbors say the last time Republic Waste Services picked up trash was days before Christmas.

“Oh god. well I went two and a half weeks when the hurricane came through. And i guess now this is two weeks again,” says Jeff Mitchell of Effingham County. “And I have two trash cans both of mines are full. So I know some other people in the neighborhood are struggling with that.”

Mitchell lives in Effingham County and has three receptacles. All three are filled to the brim with trash. It’s become such a concern that some in the county have started burning trash.

According to Mitchell,  “it’s an ongoing situation…But since the rare winter weather the Coastal Empire received last week, “they’ve been saying they’re going to come pick up the trash but no one came to pick it up. So I don’t really know what’s going on…”

Vice President of Atlantic Waste, Ben Wall says, most can go six months without seeing their doctor or their dentist but it’s hard to go six months without seeing your garbage man.

He says not having your trash picked up regularly isn’t just inconvenient, it can cause health risks. “Its for safety and for cleanliness that you get your waste picked up. When don’t get your waste picked up it becomes a bacterial issue…”

At an off-site location Atlantic Waste has 35,000 trash cans and recycling cans that will all be delivered to those receiving the service by February 9th; just in time for a test run.This is the first time Atlantic Waste will be providing service in a residential area in Effingham County. Currently they pick up about 20,000 trash carts a week. But, when Effingham County service begins February 19, they are expecting that number to double.

Now neighbors have high hopes for Atlantic Waste because of the struggles they’ve endured in the past. “My hopes and expectations is they say they’re going to pick it up on Tuesday they come and pick it up on Tuesday every week. not Tuesdays or whenever they feel like it,” Mitchell said.

Atlantic Waste says, that shouldn’t be a problem especially with the text service that they are offering customers. Customers can call to set up service where you can receive a text if service is operating on a different schedule.

“We’re committed to providing the highest level of customer service to all of our municipalities and Effingham we’re looking forward to bringing them on board,” Wall says.


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