Video: After nationwide search, Texas girls found safe

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — The man charged with kidnapping two local girls is in federal custody tonight in Denver. Terry Miles is charged with kidnapping 14-year-old Lili Griffith and 7-year-old Lulu Bandera-Margret – who were found safe.


Hundreds of miles away in Sulphur, Louisiana, this father is relieved knowing his daughter Lili is alive.

“I was just overwhelmed, I couldn’t believe it,” said Greg Griffith, one of the fathers of the missing girls.
Greg Griffith didn’t know how this kidnapping would end.

He says Terry Miles acted inappropriately with Lili, when he used to live next door.

Griffith believes Miles was stalking his daughter — which is how he ended up living with her, her mother and half-sister at this Round Rock duplex — the same place where Lili and Lulu’s mother was found dead.

Police call Miles a “person of interest” in her death. Surveillance video from the store showed Miles buying camping items. Griffith knows Miles’ plan could’ve ended in disaster.

“Because he always said “I have nothing to lose, this will be the third strike if I screw up again and that I have nothing to lose, ‘I’ll take somebody out with me,” said Griffith

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