Falling temperatures cause Savannah shelters to expand capacity

SAVANNAH, Ga. – After Wednesday’s historic snow storm, many in Savannah spent Thursday playing outside.

But for hundreds of people who don’t have secure housing, the cold weathers brings about potentially dangerous conditions for night-time sleeping arrangements.

“There are several people who’s come in past couple nights to get out of the cold. So they don’t freeze to death,” Becky McCallar said.

For the past seven months, she’s been staying at the Salvation Army on Montgomery Street in Savannah. On Thursday, the shelter was set to house nearly 130 people for the night as temperatures fell below freezing again. Cots and mattresses were pulled out so no one needed to be turned away or sleep on the floor.

“You know it  beats sleeping on the floor or sleeping on a bench,” guest Kyle Causey said.  “Cause if it weren’t for places like this we wouldn’t be here sitting here talking to you. There’s food, feed, bathe, shower. I mean people need to know there are shelters here to help. You know, it’s not like here’s a shelter. We’re not just going to leave you here. It’s not a prison.”

WSAV also reached out to Inner City Night Shelter. It too was making extra room for guests and not turning anyone who needed a safe place to stay until temperatures improve.

If you would like to help the homeless during this cold season, the Salvation Army is requesting sheets and towels for its guests that can be dropped off to its Montgomery Street location.

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