Video: Important car safety, driving tips for winter weather

(WSAV)) — Officials are still urging you to stay home if you can as any kind of travel is not easy in these conditions.
But, if you have to head out, WSAV is on your side with tips to stay safe.

  • If you feel yourself sliding, pump your brakes.
  • Pack warm clothes, snacks, and a shovel in case you get stuck in traffic or snow.
  • Make sure your gas is half full or more.
  • And, ensure there is about a car’s length away from the person ahead of you. This gives you enough time to react to whatever happens.

And now, what you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t use hot water to defrost car windows.
  • Don’t forget to remove the snow on the roof of your car–in the event of a sudden stop, it could fall and get in the way of your view.
  • It’s a myth that deflating your tires gives you good traction, so don’t take the air out of your
  • And, we cannot stress this enough — go slow and don’t try to pass other cars.

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