On Your Side: Savannah mother calls for help with home without heat ahead of chilling winter weather


Can you imagine being at home over these next fews days [and nights] without heat?

That’s the reality for one Carver Village woman and her seven-year-old son. She has no way to heat her home. So she called News 3 for help.

News 3’s Courtney Cole shares the details in this On Your Side report.

This is 7-year-old Eben Thomas.

He has to wear his coat inside his Carver Village home because there’s no heat.

“I can’t take my socks and shoes off,” Eben said.

“And how does that make you feel?” I asked.

Eben told me, “I want to be comfortable.”

“I can’t make him live like this—anymore than I can make myself live like this,” said Ebony Thomas.

Thomas has been living in the home since April 2017 and says the landlord told her she’s responsible of heating her own home.

“Then I said, ‘how would I do that?’ So I went and got plug-up space heaters–but the way the circuits run in the house, you can’t plug up two space heaters at the same time,” Thomas told News 3.

Because then the circuits get tripped and cut the power off.

Using gas to heat her home isn’t an option, because she has no gas meter or heating source to connect it to.

“I even use the stove, but I’m scared to use the stove for long periods of time,” said Thomas.

News 3 was concerned about the living conditions of Ebony and 7-year-old, so we called the landlord, but he didn’t answer.

“If it was just me, I could stick it out. But whet it comes to my baby, I have to draw the line somewhere.”

The landlord called News 3 on Tuesday afternoon to tell us the gas heater is set to be delivered and installed tomorrow (Wednesday), but because of high demand for service at this time of year–Atlanta Gas & Light will not be able to cut the gas on until February 1st.

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