Record snowfall gives Northerners a winter to remember

A man clears snow on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017, in Erie, Pa. The National Weather Service office in Cleveland says Monday's storm brought 34 inches of snow, an all-time daily snowfall record for Erie. Another 19 inches fell before dawn Tuesday, making the greatest two-day total in commonwealth history. (Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News via AP)

ERIE, Penn. (NBC News) – It may be cold across the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, but it can’t quite be compared to the great frozen north.

Parts of the northeast have seen up to 5 feet of snow, and much of the country has frozen over – just in time for the new year.

Though it’s good for the ski slopes, it’s bad for the roads.

Temperatures in International Falls, Minnesota plunged to negative 37 degrees, breaking a 90-year record.

And in Erie, Pennsylvanians have seen 65 inches of snow in just four days.

“We have broken one record after the other, after the other,” explains Kathy Dahlkempe, Erie County executive, adding “Now we have with us a National Guard unit.”

The National Guard has been helping to dig out area nursing homes while plows work around the clock to clear streets.

It may look like a winter wonderland, but its serious business for many.

Emergency Operation Center officials have had to make crucial decisions to keep residents safe.

But there has been some progress.

At Erie’s airport on Wednesday, planes finally were able to take off after days at a standstill.

“I’m quite happy,” says Deidre Walsh who is finally on her way home.

She says that her Christmas meal was Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Walsh was one of the lucky ones. There is still a long backlog of passengers trying to get out of Erie.

The airport was shut down for several days, and on top of that, there is now a winter storm watch in place for the upcoming weekend.

Up to a foot of snow could be coming Erie’s way.

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