Sheriff’s successful ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ series could become television show

(WESH) — Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and his Facebook feature, “Wheel of Fugitive,” could soon be the focus of a TV show on A&E.

It’s not unusual for Ivey to get 30,000 views on his “Wheel of Fugitive” Facebook videos.

Ivey said he’s now in negotiations with A&E to put something much like “Wheel of Fugitive” on cable TV.

In the show, Ivey spins a wheel that’s got the names and pictures of people the sheriff’s office is looking for. He claims a 100% success rate in capturing the people who win — or should we say lose? Some even turn themselves in.

“We’ve had a number of suspects who have actually watched the wheel stop on their name and go, ‘I know it’s over now,'” Ivey said.

In one recent case, Ivey said probation violation suspect Alicia Pack saw the show on Facebook, saw the wheel stop on her name, but decided to head to the beach.

“She got tanned, tased and arrested all on the same day on the beautiful beaches of Brevard County,” Ivey said.

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