Passenger recounts horrifying moments after JetBlue plane skids off the runway

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — Christmas travel turned into a nightmare when a JetBlue plane out of Savannah skidded off the runway at Boston Logan International Airport last night.

JetBlue Flight 50 departed from Savannah Hilton Head international Airport Christmas night at 4:58 p.m. and landed at Boston Logan at 7:15 p.m.

The flight had been delayed several times due to winter weather in the New England area. The original scheduled departure was 2:15 p.m.  Passengers say they experienced heavy turbulence during the descent, causing them to land farther down the runway. Michael Corbett, a counselor at Savannah Arts Academy was traveling with his 9-year-old son Liam to visit family.

“There was kind of a grinding noise of the plane against the ice further down on the runway. And it felt like we were making really fast sharp turns. And the passengers who had window seats said after the flight was over that we spun around three times,” Michael Corbett says. “It just felt like the plane wasn’t stopping when it was supposed to. And we started to skid.”

They finally came to a complete stop in a snow covered grassy area facing incoming planes. Liam, who is afraid of flying, sat by the window witnessing what happened.
Corbett was he was concerned but had to stay calm for his son but he didn’t fear for his life.

“I was just concerned that we we’re going to hit another plane because it felt like we weren’t in control of our own situation,” Corbett said.

Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene to get everyone off the plane and inside the terminal by bus. There were no injuries. And passengers cheered for the captain’s quick action.

“I don’t think they could’ve done it any better or any quicker,” Corbett says.

JetBlue reached out to all passengers on the flight.

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